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Diana Alvarez

Catherine Bryant

BSc MOst(UK)

Catherine is an Osteopathic Practitioner who specialises in mind-body reconnection. After her initial bodywork training in 2006, she qualified as an Osteopath with the British School of Osteopathy in 2012. In 2016 Catherine moved to Canada and is enjoying the calmer life and beautiful nature here.

Her core philosophy is that pleasure, ease, and joy provide far better motivation for transforming our health and life than pain, stress and fear.

Catherine supports people to reclaim their vitality and deep satisfaction in daily life. A core part of her work is to help others regain trust in their own bodies. Her approach is warm, attentive and safe.  

Catherine has a top level degree in Cognitive Science and a Masters degree in Osteopathy, reflecting her ongoing interest in understanding how body and mind come together. Catherine has particular interest in the natural movement concept, the science of intuitive eating, and methods of reprogramming the nervous system through patterns of thought and movement.

She enjoys walks in nature, dark chocolate, and the simple pleasures of being with family and loved ones. That and tea.

Current training : Mind Body Studies

Catherine is currently a student with the Mind Body Studies Academy , where she is discovering beautiful and direct methods for reprogramming our patterns of movement. These develop the capacity for easeful, graceful movements using the whole body, rather than straining one part of ourselves. This work is based on Feldenkrais and supported by new developments in science regarding neuroplasticity and the potential of the brain to remodel rapidly.

Education / continued education :

  • 2012 – Masters Osteopathy degree (MOst) – British School of Osteopathy
  • 2010 – Integrative Fascial release foundation – Steven Goldstein
  • 2009 – Pregancy Massage advanced training – Jing School of Massage
  • 2007 – Hot Stone Fusion therapy – Jing School of Massage
  • 2007 – Myofascial release foundation training – Jing and Myofascial Release Clinic
  • 2006 – Foundation in Holistic Medical Massage
  • 2006 – Swedish Massage Diploma (APNT)
  • 2006 – Anatomy and Physiology Diploma (APNT)
  • 2006 – Ultimate Bodywork Diploma (APNT)
  • 2003 – BSc Cognitive Science – University of Exeter

Client Comments

“Being treated by Catherine is being treated by a whole person, not just a set of hands. Catherine harmonises precise, focused movements with empathic intelligence in a way that makes me leave our sessions with the feeling of having had my soul as well as my body massaged. However relaxing a session may be, it always feels demanding too, because the strong sensation requires one’s full attention.

On top of an extraordinary personality, I would rank Catherine particularly high for fusing all sorts of knowledge relating to her field and doing so with heartfelt integrity and critical seriousness. Her openness makes me more tolerant and accepting towards my own body and in that way, the mere feeling in the room makes me feel more balanced.
S. Fossgard

“I have been a trained professional in the healing arts for over 20 years in massage, physical medicine and energy medicine. Ms. Bryant has the natural gift of healing hands. Her intuitive self knows what to do, where to touch, how firm to do so and for how long. I encounter such a gifted intuitive healer only once every seven or eight years.”
M. Brightwood

“Catherine is fantastic holistic healer.... While she appears to work with the body,her innate and finely tuned intuition, and her understanding of a person's emotions, energy, and whole-self, result in you walking out of a treatment feeling that not only your body has been rejuvenated, but also your mind and soul
K. Westbury

“Catherine’s sessions operate on a number of levels.. but at their core I guess, they allow me to resolve any niggles that have developed, get a full MOT and quite often I learn something new about myself, a new skill or technique. This not only deals with the physical elements (aches and pains as it were) but also gives me a considerable mental boost and confidence that all is well. Feeling mentally confident in your body as well as physically comfortable is a great combination and that is something that I have learnt to value from our sessions”
P. Kensall